Journal Article Energetics and Electronic Structure of h-BN Nanoflakes

Yamanaka, Ayaka  ,  Okada, Susumu

6p.30653 , 2016-08 , Nature Publishing Group
We studied the energetics and electronic structure of hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) nanoribbons with hydrogenated and clean edges with respect to the detailed edge shapes using density functional theory. Our calculations showed that the stability of h-BN edges strongly depends on the edge termination. In the case of hydrogenated edges, the formation energy is constant for all edge angles ranging from armchair to zigzag, indicating that h-BN may exhibit rich variation in their edge atomic arrangements under static conditions. The hydrogenated h-BN nanoribbons are insulators with an energy gap of 4 eV irrespective of edge shape, in which the lowest branch of the conduction band exhibits nearly free electron states nature distributed in the vacuum region outside the ribbons. In contrast, the formation energy of h-BN nanoribbons with clean edges monotonically increases as the edge angle is changed from armchair to zigzag. Our analysis reveals that the increase of density of states at the Fermi level arising from dangling bond states leads to this monotonic increase of edge formation energy in h-BN nanoribbons with clean edges.

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