Journal Article Large-scale micromagnetics simulations with dipolar interaction using all-to-all communications

Tsukahara, Hiroshi  ,  Lee, S.-J.  ,  Iwano, Kaoru  ,  Inami, Nobuhito  ,  Ishikawa, Tadashi  ,  Mitsumata, Chiharu  ,  Yanagihara, Hideto  ,  Kita, Eiji  ,  Ono, Kanta

6 ( 5 )  , p.056405 , 2016-05 , American Institute of Physics
We implement on our micromagnetics simulator low-complexity parallel fast-Fourier-transform algorithms, which reduces the frequency of all-to-all communications from six to two times. Almost all the computation time of micromagnetics simulation is taken up by the calculation of the magnetostatic field which can be calculated using the fast Fourier transform method. The results show that the simulation time is decreased with good scalability, even if the micromagentics simulation is performed using 8192 physical cores. This high parallelization effect enables large-scale micromagentics simulation using over one billion to be performed. Because massively parallelcomputing is needed to simulate the magnetization dynamics of real permanent magnets composed of many micron-sized grains, it is expected that our simulator reveals how magnetization dynamics influences the coercivity of the permanent magnet.

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