Journal Article コンプレックス・トレーニングが大学男子バレーボール選手の跳躍力および筋力、パワーに及ぼす影響
Effects of complex training on jump height, muscle strength and power in university male volleyball players Effects of complex training

岡野, 憲一  ,  谷川, 聡  ,  内藤, 景  ,  奥本, 正

17 ( 1 )  , pp.12 - 18 , 2015-06 , 日本バレーボール学会 , The Japanese Society of Vulleyball Research
The purpose of this study was to investigate an effect of the complex − training on strength, power, and jump height in male university volleyball players during pre − competition season. Twenty three male university volleyball players were divided into the following three training groups; COMB (Combination − traing group, n = 9), COMP (Complex − training group, n = 7), and WT (Weight − training group, n = 7). The following training conditions were adopted for 2 or 3 times/week for 8 weeks in each training group. The COMB trained Squat − training( SQ, 85%1RM) and depth − jump with rest( 30 min). The COMP trained SQ( 85%1RM) and depth − jump without rest. The WT trained only SQ( 85%1RM). In order to evaluate the effect of training, the 1RM Squat, Squat Jump( SJ), Counter Movement Jump( CMJ), Drop Jump( DJ), and leg extension power were measured in pre − and post − training period.The main results were as follows:( 1) Jump heights of SJ, CMJ, and DJ did not increase in all training groups.( 2) The leg press power decreased in WT( − 4.2%).( 3) The leg extension power increased in COMP( +9.2%). The results indicated that the complex − training did not affect on jump height, however, the leg press power was improved. In addition, high intensity SQ reduced the leg press power.

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