Journal Article Practice and experience of task management of university students: Case of University of Tsukuba, Japan

Fukuzawa, Ryoko  ,  Joho, Hideo  ,  Maeshiro, Tetsuya

31 ( 3 )  , pp.109 - 124 , 2015-07 , IOS Press
This paper reports the results of a survey that investigated the practice and experience of task management of university students. A total of 202 tasks identified by 24 university students were analyzed. The results suggest that participants had a reasonable sense of priority of tasks, that they tend to perceive a task as a big chunk, not a series of small chunks, that estimated time can be a good indicator of task completion, that time management and loss of coordination are the major factors for uncompleted or non-started tasks, and finally that their notion of task grouping was dominated by task themes or topics.

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