Journal Article Magnetic moment of the 13/2+ isomeric state in Cu69: Spin alignment in the one-nucleon removal reaction

Kusoglu, A.  ,  Georgiev, G.  ,  Sotty, C.  ,  Balabanski, D. L.  ,  Goasduff, A.  ,  Ishii, Y.  ,  Abe, Y.  ,  Asahi, K.  ,  Bostan, M.  ,  Chevrier, R.  ,  Chikamori, M.  ,  Daugas, J. M.  ,  Furukawa, T.  ,  Nishibata, H.  ,  Ichikawa, Y.  ,  Ishibashi, Y.  ,  Lozeva, R.  ,  Miyatake, H.  ,  Nagae, D.  ,  Nanao, T.  ,  Niikura, M.  ,  Niwa, T.  ,  Okada, S.  ,  Ozawa, A.  ,  Saito, Y.  ,  Shirai, H.  ,  Ueno, H.  ,  Yordanov, D. T.  ,  Yoshida, N.

93 ( 5 )  , p.054313 , 2016-05 , the American Physical Society
We report on a new measurement of the g factor of the (13/2+) isomeric state in the neutron-rich nucleus Cu69. This study demonstrates the possibility of obtaining considerable nuclear spin alignment for multi-quasiparticle states in single-nucleon removal reactions. The time-dependent perturbed angular distribution (TDPAD) method was used to extract the gyromagnetic factor of the (13/2+) [T1/2=351(14) ns] isomeric state of Cu69. Its g factor was obtained as g(13/2+)=0.248(9). The experimentally observed spin alignment for the state of interest was deduced as A=−3.3(9)%.

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