Journal Article Near-zero volume-shrinkage in reactive sintering of porous MgTi2O5 with pseudobrookite-type structure

Nakagoshi, Yuta  ,  Sato, Jun  ,  Morimoto, Masahumi  ,  Suzuki, Yoshikazu

42 ( 7 )  , pp.9139 - 9144 , 2016-05 , Elsevier
Reactive sintering is an environmentally-friendly processing for porous ceramics. If zero volume-shrinkage in the reactive sintering is realized, the reactive sintering will be more widely applied. Here, we report a new reactive sintering technique to realize near-zero volume-shrinkage (NZVS) in the MgO-TiO2 system. Porous MgTi2O5 pellets have been reactively sintered from LiF-doped hydromagnesite/TiO2 mixed powders with changing TiO2 anatase/rutile compositions. By using the anatase and rutile mixtures as TiO2 source, volume-shrinkage during the sintering was well-controlled. In particular, the NZVS is realized for the sintering temperatures at 1000–1100°C. To clarify the mechanism of the NZVS phenomenon, MgTi2O5 particle formation behavior from the identical starting powders without pelletizing was investigated in detail. From the microstructural observation for MgTi2O5 powders, TiO2 rutile prevented the crystal growth of MgTi2O5 particles.

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