Journal Article Pairing Nambu-Goldstone Modes within Nuclear Density Functional Theory

Hinohara, Nobuo  ,  Nazarewicz, Witold

116 ( 15 )  , p.152502 , 2016-04 , American Physical Society
We show that the Nambu-Goldstone formalism of the broken gauge symmetry in the presence of the T=1 pairing condensate offers a quantitative description of the binding-energy differences of open-shell superfluid nuclei. We conclude that the pairing-rotational moments of inertia are excellent pairing indicators, which are free from ambiguities attributed to odd-mass systems. We offer a new, unified interpretation of the binding-energy differences traditionally viewed in the shell model picture as signatures of the valence nucleon properties. We present the first systematic analysis of the off-diagonal pairing-rotational moments of inertia and demonstrate the mixing of the neutron and proton pairing-rotational modes in the ground states of even-even nuclei. Finally, we discuss the importance of mass measurements of neutron-rich nuclei for constraining the pairing energy density functional.

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