Journal Article Individual Cr atom in a semiconductor quantum dot: Optical addressability and spin-strain coupling

Lafuente-Sampietro, A.  ,  Utsumi, H.  ,  Boukari, H.  ,  Besombes, L.  ,  Kuroda, S

93 ( 16 )  , p.161301 , 2016-04 , American Physical Society
We demonstrate the optical addressability of the spin of an individual chromium atom (Cr) embedded in a semiconductor quantum dot. The emission of Cr-doped quantum dots and their evolution in magnetic field reveal a large magnetic anisotropy of the Cr spin induced by local strain. This results in the zero field splitting of the 0, ±1, and ±2 Cr spin states and in a thermalization on the magnetic ground states 0 and ±1. The observed strong spin to strain coupling of Cr is of particular interest for the development of hybrid spin-mechanical devices where coherent mechanical driving of an individual spin in an oscillator is needed. The magneto-optical properties of Cr-doped quantum dots are modeled by a spin Hamiltonian including the sensitivity of the Cr spin to the strain and the influence of the quantum dot symmetry on the carrier-Cr spin coupling.

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