Journal Article On some two phase problem for compressible and compressible viscous fluid flow separated by sharp interface

Soga, Kohei  ,  Shibata, Yoshihiro  ,  Kubo, Takayuki

36 ( 7 )  , pp.3741 - 3774 , 2016-07 , American Institute of Mathematical Sciences
In this paper, we prove a local in time unique existence theorem for some two phase problem of compressible and compressible barotropic viscous fluid flow without surface tension in the Lp in time and the Lq in space framework with 2<p<∞ and N<q<∞ under the assumption that the initial domain is a uniform W2−1/qq domain in RN(N≥2). After transforming a unknown time dependent domain to the initial domain by the Lagrangian transformation, we solve the problem by the contraction mapping principle with the maximal Lp-Lq regularity of the generalized Stokes operator for the compressible viscous fluid flow with free boundary condition. The key step of our method is to prove the existence of R-bounded solution operator to resolvent problem corresponding to linearized problem. The R-boundedness combined with Weis's operator valued Fourier multiplier theorem implies the generation of analytic semigroup and the maximal Lp-Lq regularity theorem.

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