Journal Article Non-supersymmetric asymmetric orbifolds with vanishing cosmological constant

Satoh, Yuji  ,  Sugawara, Yuji  ,  Wada, Taiki

2016 ( 2 )  , p.184 , 2016-02 , Springer
We study type II string vacua defined by torus compactifications accompanied by T-duality twists. We realize the string vacua, specifically, by means of the asymmetric orbifolding associated to the chiral reflections combined with a shift, which are interpreted as describing the compactification on ‘T-folds’. We discuss possible consistent actions of the chiral reflection on the Ramond-sector of the world-sheet fermions, and explicitly construct non-supersymmetric as well as supersymmetric vacua. Above all, we demonstrate a simple realization of non-supersymmetric vacua with vanishing cosmological constant at one loop. Our orbifold group is generated only by a single element, which results in simpler models than those with such property known previously.

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