Journal Article Testing the importance of collective correlations in neutrinoless ββ decay

Menéndez, Javier  ,  Hinohara, Nobuo  ,  Engel, Jonathan  ,  Martínez-Pinedo, Gabriel  ,  Rodríguez, Tomás R.

93 ( 1 )  , p.014305 , 2016-01 , American Physical Society
We investigate the extent to which theories of collective motion can capture the physics that determines the nuclear matrix elements governing neutrinoless double-β decay. To that end we calculate the matrix elements for a series of isotopes in the full pf shell, omitting no spin-orbit partners. With the inclusion of isoscalar pairing, a separable collective Hamiltonian that is derived from the shell model effective interaction reproduces the full shell-model matrix elements with good accuracy. A version of the generator coordinate method that includes the isoscalar pairing amplitude as a coordinate also reproduces the shell model results well, an encouraging result for theories of collective motion, which can include more single-particle orbitals than the shell model. We briefly examine heavier nuclei relevant for experimental double-β decay searches, in which shell-model calculations with all spin-orbit partners are not feasible; our estimates suggest that isoscalar pairing also plays a significant role in these nuclei, though one we are less able to quantify precisely.

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