Journal Article Crystal structure of the one-dimensional metal–organic polymer catena-poly[[tris­(μ-2,4,6-tri­methyl­benzoato-κ2O:O′)-dizinc]-μ-2,4,6-tri­methyl­benzoato-κ2O:O′]

Yamamura, Masaki  ,  Nabeshima, Tatsuya

71 ( 1 )  , pp.m14 - m15 , 2016-01 , International Union of Crystallography
The title complex, [Zn2(C10H11O2)4]n, has a one-dimensional polymeric structure. The asymmetric unit consists of two zinc atoms bridged by three 2,4,6-tri­methyl­benzoate anions and one bidentate bridging 2,4,6-trimethylbenzoate anion. The [Zn2(C9H11CO2)3] cluster units are inter­molecularly linked to form a one-dimensional polymer, which propagates in the direction of the crystallographic b axis. The Zn atoms adopt a tetra­hedral geometry. The Zn—O bond lengths in the intra­molecular bridges are slightly shorter than those in the inter­molecular bridges.

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