Journal Article Gastric outlet obstruction caused by an ectopic pancreas in a neonate: A case report

Fujii, Shunsuke  ,  Tanaka, Hideaki  ,  Ono, Kentaro  ,  Onizawa, Yutaro  ,  Miyazono, Yayoi  ,  Sakamoto, Naoya  ,  Gotoh, Chikashi  ,  Urita, Yasuhisa  ,  Shinkai, Toko  ,  Takayasu, Hajime  ,  Sumazaki, Ryo  ,  Masumoto, Kouji

3 ( 12 )  , pp.573 - 576 , 2015-12 , Elsevier Inc.
We herein report a neonate who presented with non-bilious vomiting at one day of age caused by a prepyloric ectopic pancreas. Ultrasonography clearly detected the presence of a submucosal mass preoperatively, which was treated with local gastric resection. Only 9 neonates with a symptomatic pyloric or prepyloric ectopic pancreas have been previously reported in the literature. Therefore, we reviewed and discussed the clinical features of neonates with this type of ectopic pancreas.

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