Journal Article Hydrothermal synthesis of carbonaceous spheres starting from different starches

OKANO, Takayuki  ,  SUZUKI, Yoshikazu

124 ( 1 )  , pp.79 - 81 , 2016-01 , Ceramic Society of Japan
Carbonaceous spheres (CSs) were prepared by hydrothermal treatment of corn, potato and rice starches. Each starch powder (corn: 1.0–4.0 g, potato: 1.0 g, or rice: 1.0 g) was dispersed in 40 mL H2O in a Teflon-lined stainless autoclave, and the autoclave was heated at 160°C for 4–16 h. The solid products after hydrothermal treatment were washed and dried to obtain CSs. CSs from the potato starch showed the narrowest particle-size distribution, which can be attributed to its B-type starch structure. Although the particle-size distribution of CSs was affected by starting starches, chemical characteristics were almost identical for all starches.

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