Journal Article Regulation of the TMEPAI promoter by TCF7L2: the C-terminal tail of TCF7L2 is essential to activate the TMEPAI gene

Nakano, Naoko  ,  Kato, Mitsuyasu  ,  Itoh, Susumu

159 ( 1 )  , pp.27 - 30 , 2016-01 , Oxford University Press
We previously found that TCF7L2 could activate the TMEPAI gene efficiently, whereas LEF1 could not nearly augment its transcription. When we comprehended the functional difference(s) between TCF7L2 and LEF1 with respect to the activation of the TMEPAI gene, the C-terminal tail of TCF7L2 was needed to reveal its transcriptional activity as well as its interaction with Smad3. Consistently, both TCF7/TCF7L2 and LEF1/TCF7L2 chimeric proteins exhibited an activity similar to TCF7L2 in transcription and Smad3 binding in contrast with LEF1 and TCF7. Our data elaborated on the diverse activity among TCF/LEF family members with respect to the transcriptional regulation of the TMEPAI gene.

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