Journal Article Oscillation of a rotating levitated droplet: Analysis with a mechanical model

Kitahata, Hiroyuki  ,  Tanaka, Rui  ,  Koyano, Yuki  ,  Matsumoto, Satoshi  ,  Nishinari, Katsuhiro  ,  Watanabe, Tadashi  ,  Hasegawa, Koji  ,  Kanagawa, Tetsuya  ,  Kaneko, Akiko  ,  Abe, Yutaka

92 ( 6 )  , p.062904 , 2015-12 , American Physical Society
A droplet of millimeter-to-centimeter scale can exhibit electrostatic levitation, and such levitated droplets can be used for the measurement of the surface tension of the liquids by observing the characteristic frequency of oscillatory deformation. In the present study, a simple mechanical model is proposed by considering a single mode of oscillation in the ellipsoidal deformation of a levitated rotating droplet. By measuring the oscillation frequency with respect to the rotational speed and oscillation amplitude, it is expected that the accuracy of the surface tension measurement could be improved. Using the proposed model, the dependences of the characteristic frequency of oscillatory deformation and the averaged aspect ratio are calculated with respect to the rotational angular velocity of a rotating droplet. These dependences are found to be consistent with the experimental observations.

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