Journal Article Calibration coefficients of dosimeters used in mammography for various target/filter combinations

Sekimoto, Michiharu  ,  Katoh, Yoh  ,  Katoh, Tsuguhisa

16 ( 6 )  , pp.401 - 410 , 2015-11 , American Association of Physicists in Medicine
A wide variety of existing combinations of target and filter materials (target/filter combinations) are used in mammography equipment. The patient dose depends on the X-ray quality that is derived from the target/filter combination, and a calibration of the dosimeter that is used in the measurement that corresponds to the specific target/filter combination is necessary. However, dosimeters in mammography are generally calibrated with reference to the X-ray quality of Mo/Mo or W/Al combinations, and it is unclear whether or not the X-ray quality that is derived from other target/filter combinations will affect the calibration coefficients. In this paper, the calibration coefficients of different dosimeters were evaluated for target/filter combinations. For an ionization chamber-type dosimeter, good energy dependence was found and the effect of the target/filter combination was small. However, for a semiconductor dosimeter, a large energy dependence was found, and different calibration coefficients that depended on the target/filter combination used were required.

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