Journal Article Insular Volume Reduction in Patients with Social Anxiety Disorder

Kawaguchi, Akiko  ,  Nemoto, Kiyotaka  ,  Nakaaki, Shutaro  ,  Kawaguchi, Takatsune  ,  Kan, Hirohito  ,  Arai, Nobuyuki  ,  Shiraishi, Nao  ,  Hashimoto, Nobuhiko  ,  Akechi, Tatsuo

7p.3 , 2016-01 , Frontiers Research Foundation
Despite the fact that social anxiety disorder (SAD) is highly prevalent, there have been only a few structural imaging studies. Moreover, most of them reported about a volume reduction in amygdale, which plays a key role in the neural function of SAD. Insula is another region of interest. Its hyperactivity in regard to processing negative emotional information or interoceptive awareness has been detected in patients with SAD. Referring to these studies, we hypothesized that insular volumes might reduce in patients with SAD and made a comparison of insular volumes between 13 patients with SAD and 18 healthy controls with matched age and gender using voxel-based morphometry. As a result, we found a significant volume reduction in insula in the SAD group. Our results suggest that the patients with SAD might have an insular volume reduction apart from amygdala. Since insula plays a critical role in the pathology of SAD, more attention should be paid not only to functional study but also morphometrical study of insula.

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