Journal Article Radial Electron Temperature and Density Measurements Using Thomson Scattering System in GAMMA 10/PDX

Yoshikawa, M.  ,  Ohta, K.  ,  Wang, X.  ,  Chikatsu, M.  ,  Kohagura, J.  ,  Shima, Y.  ,  Sakamoto, M.  ,  Imai, T.  ,  Nakashima, Y.  ,  Yasuhara, R.  ,  Yamada, I.  ,  Funaba, H.  ,  Minami, T.

10p.C11006 , 2015-11 , IOP Publishing
A Thomson scattering (TS) system in GAMMA 10/PDX has been developed for the measurement of radial profiles of electron temperature and density in a single plasma and laser shot. The TS system has a large solid angle optical collection system and high-sensitivity signal detection system. The TS signals are obtained using four-channel high-speed digital oscilloscopes controlled by a Windows PC. We designed the acquisition program for six oscilloscopes to obtain 10-Hz TS signals in a single plasma shot, following which the time-dependent electron temperatures and densities can be determined. Moreover, in order to obtain larger TS signal intensity in the edge region, we added a second collection mirror. The radial electron temperatures and densities at six radial positions in GAMMA 10/PDX were successfully obtained.

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