Journal Article Optically induced mode splitting in self-assembled, high quality-factor conjugated polymer microcavities

Braam, Daniel  ,  Kushida, Soh  ,  Niemöller, Robert  ,  Prinz, Günther M.  ,  Saito, Hitoshi  ,  Kanbara, Takaki  ,  Kuwabara, Junpei  ,  Yamamoto, Yohei  ,  Lorke, Axel

6p.19635 , 2016-01 , Nature Publishing Group
We investigate the whispering gallery modes (WGMs) of self-assembled single microspheres. They consist of a recently developed highly fluorescent π-conjugated copolymer and exhibit excellent optical properties with Q-factors up to 104. Under continuous laser irradiation, we observe a splitting of the highly degenerate spherical WGMs into a multiplet of lines. Comparison with the calculated spectral response of a weakly distorted sphere shows that the optical excitation induces a change of the optical path length in the microcavity so that it resembles a prolate spheroid. The separation of the lines is given by the ellipticity and the azimuthal mode number. Measurements in various gaseous environments suggest that the distortion is caused by light induced oxidation of the polymer. Our findings show that photooxidation can be a beneficial mechanism for in-situ tuning of optically active polymer structures.

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