Journal Article Circularly polarized near-field scanning optical microscope for investigations of edge states of a two-dimensional electron system

Nomura, Shintaro  ,  Mamyouda, Syuhei  ,  Ito, Hironori  ,  Shibata, Yusuke  ,  Ohira, Tomoya  ,  Yoshikawa, Luno  ,  Ootuka, Youiti  ,  Kashiwaya, Satoshi  ,  Yamaguchi, Masumi  ,  Tamura, Hiroyuki  ,  Akazaki, Tatsushi

121 ( 4 )  , pp.1341 - 1345 , 2015-12 , Springer-Verlag
We report on investigations of the quantum Hall chiral edge states using a near-field scanning optical microscope that enables us to irradiate circularly polarized light from the probe tip with spatial resolution below the diffraction limit. We have found a clear evidence for the formation of spin-split incompressible strips near the edge of a two-dimensional electron system in high magnetic fields.

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