Journal Article Glucose-Treated Manganese Hexacyanoferrate for Sodium-Ion Secondary Battery

Moritomo, Yutaka  ,  Goto, Kensuke  ,  Shibata, Takayuki

8 ( 9 )  , pp.9486 - 9494 , 2015-09 , MDPI AG
Manganese hexacyanoferrate (Mn-PBA) is a promising cathode material forsodium-ion secondary battery (SIB) with high average voltage (=3.4 V) against Na. Here,we find that the thermal decomposition of glucose modifies the surface state of Mn-PBA,without affecting the bulk crystal structure. The glucose treatment significantly improves therate properties of Mn-PBA in SIB. The critical discharge rate increases from 1 C (as-grown)to 15 C (glucose-treated). Our observation suggests that thermal treatment is quite effectivefor insulating coordination polymers.

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