Journal Article Transfer-free synthesis of highly ordered Ge nanowire arrays on glass substrates

Nakata, M.  ,  Toko, K.  ,  Jevasuwan, W.  ,  Fukata, N.  ,  Saitoh, N.  ,  Yoshizawa, N.  ,  Suemasu, T.

107 ( 13 )  , p.133102 , 2015-09 , American Institute of Physics
Vertically aligned Ge nanowires (NWs) are directly synthesized on glass via vapor-liquid-solid (VLS) growth using chemical-vapor deposition. The use of the (111)-oriented Ge seed layer, formed by metal-induced crystallization at 325 °C, dramatically improved the density, uniformity, and crystal quality of Ge NWs. In particular, the VLS growth at 400 °C allowed us to simultaneously achieve the ordered morphology and high crystal quality of the Ge NW array. Transmission electron microscopy demonstrated that the resulting Ge NWs had no dislocations or stacking faults. Production of high-quality NW arrays on amorphous insulators will promote the widespread application of nanoscale devices.

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