Journal Article Bonding Nature of LiCoO2 by Topological Analysis of Electron Density from X-ray Diffraction

NISHIBORI, Eiji  ,  SHIBATA, Takayuki  ,  KOBAYASHI, Wataru  ,  MORITOMO, Yutaka

83 ( 10 )  , pp.840 - 842 , 2015-10 , 電気化学会 , The Electrochemical Society of Japan
Electron density distributions of LiCoO2 have been determined by Maximum Entropy method (MEM) and multipole modeling from synchrotron x-ray powder diffraction data. The localization of Co-3d electrons was clearly visualized in the deformation MEM density. An electron density by multipole modeling was investigated by the Bader’s topological analysis to reveal bonding characteristics and interactions between the constituted atoms.

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