Journal Article Imaging of current density distributions with a Nb weak-link scanning nano-SQUID microscope

Shibata, Yusuke  ,  Nomura, Shintaro  ,  Kashiwaya, Hiromi  ,  Kashiwaya, Satoshi  ,  Ishiguro, Ryosuke  ,  Takayanagi, Hideaki

5p.15097 , 2015-10 , Nature Publishing Group
Superconducting quantum interference devices (SQUIDs) are accepted as one of the highest magnetic field sensitive probes. There are increasing demands to image local magnetic fields to explore spin properties and current density distributions in a two-dimensional layer of semiconductors or superconductors. Nano-SQUIDs have recently attracting much interest for high spatial resolution measurements in nanometer-scale samples. Whereas weak-link Dayem Josephson junction nano-SQUIDs are suitable to miniaturization, hysteresis in current-voltage (I-V) characteristics that is often observed in Dayem Josephson junction is not desirable for a scanning microscope. Here we report on our development of a weak-link nano-SQUIDs scanning microscope with small hysteresis in I-V curve and on reconstructions of two-dimensional current density vector in two-dimensional electron gas from measured magnetic field.

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