Journal Article Synthesis and optical properties of poly(phenylenethiophene)s bearing conjugated side chains

Kawashima, Hirotsugu  ,  Kawabata, Kohsuke  ,  Wang, Aohan  ,  Goto, Hiromasa

18 ( 7 )  , pp.661 - 668 , 2015-10 , Taylor and Francis Group
ISSN:1385-772x (print) / 1568-5551 (online)
A series of π-conjugated polymers bearing conjugated side chain were prepared by Migita–Kosugi–Stille coupling polycondensation reaction. The polymers consisting of phenylene–thiophene (CCPTO), phenylene–isothianaphthene (CCPIO), and phenylene-3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene (CCPEO) conjugated backbones in the main chains showed optical absorption peaks in the same region, while fluorescence peak of CCPTO was at larger wavelengths compared with those of CCPIO and CCPEO. The polymers showed optical rotary dispersion, indicating the optically active substituents induced one-handed helicity to the polymers.

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