Journal Article Infinite circumference limit of conformal field theory

Ishibashi, Nobuyuki  ,  Tada, Tsukasa

48 ( 31 )  , p.315402 , 2015-08 , IOP Publishing Ltd
We argue that an infinite circumference limit can be obtained in two-dimensional conformal field theory by adopting L0 − (L1 + L−1) /2 as a Hamiltonian instead of L0. The theory obtained has a circumference of infinite length and hence exhibits a continuous and heavily degenerated spectrum as well as the continuous Virasoro algebra. The choice of this Hamiltonian was inspired partly by the so-called sine-square deformation, which is found in the study of a certain class of quantum statistical systems. The enigmatic behavior of sine-square deformed systems such as the sharing of their vacuum states with the closed boundary systems can be understood by the appearance of an infinite circumference.

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