Journal Article Assemblages of endophytic fungi on Salicornia europaea disjunctively distributed in Japan: towards clarification of the ubiquity of fungal endophytes on halophytes and their ecological roles

Okane, Izumi  ,  Nakagiri, Akira

109 ( 1 )  , pp.62 - 71 , 2015-07 , Indian Academy of Sciences
We studied assemblages of endophytic fungi on thehalophilic plant Salicornia europaea in Japan. Thisplant is disjunctively distributed in the eastern Hokkaidoand the Seto Inland Sea (Setouchi) regions.Various dematiaceous fungi that form dark sporesand/or mycelia (and the related ascigerous stages)were common in S. europaea. Among them, Pleosporasp. (anamorph: Stemphylium) and Alternaria alternatawere the major endophytes found in the plant, followedby Alternaria phragmospora and Cladosporiumcladosporioides. Fungal assemblages from Hokkaidowere similar among years, as were assemblages collectedin completely segregated regions in Japan,Hokkaido and Setouchi. While such dematiaceousfungi are generally known to be epiphytes living onthe surface of terrestrial vascular plants, they mayubiquitously inhabit halophytes such as Salicornia.

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