Journal Article Construction of the [6-7-5-5] tetracyclic core of all the carbocyclic frameworks of yuzurimine-type alkaloids

Hayakawa, Ichiro  ,  Niida, Keisuke  ,  Kigoshi, Hideo

51 ( 58 )  , pp.11568 - 11571 , 2015-07 , The Royal Society of Chemistry
Yuzurimine-type alkaloids make up a sub-family of Daphniphyllum alkaloids structurally featuring a [6-7-5-5] tetracarbocyclic core framework. In this manuscript, we describe our construction of the [6-7-5-5] tetracarbocyclic core of yuzurimine-type alkaloids by using a unique in situ intramolecular Wittig reaction and Sm-mediated cyclization as key steps.

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