Journal Article Enhancement of dimethylsulfide production by anoxic stress in natural seawater

Omori, Yuko  ,  Tanimoto, Hiroshi  ,  Inomata, Satoshi  ,  Wada, Shigeki  ,  Thume, Kathleen  ,  Pohnert, Georg

42 ( 10 )  , pp.4047 - 4053 , 2015-05 , American Geophysical Union
Dimethylsulfide (DMS) is produced by phytoplankton in the ocean and plays an important role in biogeochemical cycles and climate system of the Earth. Previous field studies reported a possible relationship between DMS enhancement and anoxic condition, although the governing processes are still to be identified. Here we show the first direct evidence for the enhancement of DMS production by natural planktonic assemblages caused by anoxic stress. Under the anoxic condition, DMS production was considerably enhanced and DMS bacterial consumption was inhibited, resulting in an eightfold higher rate of gross DMS production than that under the oxic condition. Our results demonstrated that anoxic stress is one of important “environmental factors” in the marine DMS dynamics, suggesting the possible global importance due to ubiquity of anoxic conditions in the coastal oceans. This process would become more important in the future due to expansion of coastal hypoxic and anoxic zones by global warming.

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