Journal Article Multimodal Imaging of Living Cells with Multiplex Coherent Anti-stokes Raman Scattering (CARS), Third-order Sum Frequency Generation (TSFG) and Two-photon Excitation Fluorescence (TPEF) Using a Nanosecond White-light Laser Source

SEGAWA, Hiroki  ,  OKUNO, Masanari  ,  LEPROUX, Philippe  ,  COUDERC, Vincent  ,  OZAWA, Takeaki  ,  KANO, Hideaki

31 ( 4 )  , pp.299 - 305 , 2015-04 , The Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry
The subnanosecond “white-light laser” source has been applied to multimodal, multiphoton, and multiplex spectroscopic imaging (M3 spectroscopic imaging) with coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS), third-order sum frequency generation (TSFG), and two-photon excitation fluorescence (TPEF). As the proof-of-principle experiment, we performed simultaneous imaging of polystyrene beads with TSFG and TPEF. This technique is then applied to live cell imaging. Mouse L929 fibroblastic cells are clearly visualized by CARS, TSFG, and TPEF processes. M3 spectroscopic imaging provides various and unique cellular information with different image contrast based on each multiphoton process.

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