Departmental Bulletin Paper 幼稚園児における共同遊びの展開 : イメージの共有との関連
The Continuity of Cooperative Play by Preschool Children : Image Sharing

向, 悦

5pp.69 - 79 , 2017-06-30 , お茶の水女子大学子ども研究会
The purpose of this study is as follows. Firstly, to clarify what kind of images are shared in children’s\cooperative play. Secondly, to investigate how images were shared in cooperative play. Finally, to investigate\the relation between sharing images and the continuity of cooperative play. Cooperative plays of 5-year-old\children were observed and teachers were interviewed. Cooperative plays in this study showed a smooth\continuity and images, which included theme and concrete objects (things, story, roles), that were shared by\children. Images were shared based on the experiences of the past and the play’s flow of the day. Especially,\children’s common experiences were important for sharing images. Children shared images in play and the\image sharing supported the smooth continuity of play.

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