Departmental Bulletin Paper 保育の場におけるASD 児と定型発達児との幼児間の相互行為 : 模倣における物の介在に着目して
How Do a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder Interact with Typically Developing Children in Preschool? : Focusing on Intervention of Artifacts in Imitation

山下, 愛実

5pp.61 - 68 , 2017-06-30 , お茶の水女子大学子ども研究会
The purpose of this case study is to explore the interaction between a child with autism spectrum\disorder and typically developing children among three-year-old-children. For this purpose, we observed two\situations focusing on 1) how interactions between a child with autism spectrum disorder and typically\developing children initiated; 2) whether the situation of interactions are influenced by who initiated the\interactions and the presence of intervention of artifacts. The results of this case study were revealed 1) a child\with autism spectrum disorder interact with typically developing children by imitation (14/20 cases); 2) in the\case of intervention of artifacts, when a child with autism spectrum disorder imitate typically developing\children, it created incongruous situation, but when typically developing children imitate a child with autism\spectrum disorder, it created friendly relationship. Imitating behaviors without intervention of artifacts also\created a friendly relationship regardless of which side initiated.

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