Departmental Bulletin Paper 中国の就学前教育における愛国主義教育 : 北京(2014)と上海(2013)の幼稚園教材の比較分析から
Patriotism Education of preschool education in the People’s Republic of China : Focus on the comparative analysis of kindergarten teaching materials of Beijing (2014) and Shanghai (2013)

盧, 中潔

5pp.51 - 60 , 2017-06-30 , お茶の水女子大学子ども研究会
The purpose of this study was to indicate the feature and problem of Patriotism Education of\kindergarten in the People’s Republic of China. This study focuses on the kindergarten teaching materials of\Beijing and Shanghai����a total of 128 teaching materials are the object of analysis. Content Analysis is the\method used in analyzing kindergarten teaching materials. This study concludes 2 results. 1) kindergarten\teaching materials in Beijing focused on “patriotism” while kindergarten teaching materials in Shanghai\focused on “caring”. Frequency of words related to “caring” of kindergarten teaching materials is remarkably\higher than its frequency of kindergarten teaching materials in Beijing. 2) Both kindergarten teaching materials\in Beijing and Shanghai mentioned valuable themes in term of Patriotism Education. However, traditional\culture is taking large proportion of Patriotism Education. Why kindergarten teaching materials in Beijing\focused on “patriotism” while kindergarten teaching materials in Shanghai focused on “caring”? This study put\the focus on constitute of main editor of two publishers. It was revealed that the arguments of main editors are\reflected on the kindergarten teaching materials. Moreover, kindergarten teaching materials in Shanghai are\under the control of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.

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