Departmental Bulletin Paper 「子どもと哲学する時間」における「いのち」の対話 : 保育士と5歳児が共に探るセンス・オブ・ワンダー
Dialogues on“ Life” in“ Philosophical Time with Children” : A day care worker and five-year-old children search together for a sense of wonder

佐藤, 嘉代子

5pp.27 - 38 , 2017-06-30 , お茶の水女子大学子ども研究会
The purpose of this paper is to clarify the meanings of cooperative dialogues on “life” through\“philosophical time with children” from a viewpoint of a sense of wonder as described by Carson. It was\formed through transcriptions recorded by a video camera from participant observation of the philosophical\dialogues on “life” at a nursery school in a class of 5-year-olds. Two types of dialogues became clear form the\data. First, unique ideas about “life” were seen through the children’s dialogues. Second, motive dialogues\involving some socializing to connect with another narration developed during the time. The former includes\three types of dialogue (simple narration caused by a life, animistic narration, chaotic narration caused by\mixed ideas of animistic imagination and the sense of wonder). The latter includes two types of dialogue\(narration based on soft ideas in humor, and narration searching for the right impression and words). The\children in this study enjoyed the project on philosophic time, which raised their curiosity to seek out wonders\in “life” among their chaotic daily lives. As a result, it became a meaningful curriculum for the 5-year-old\children.

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