Departmental Bulletin Paper 乳幼児を持つ有職母親の就業状況と役割葛藤 : 中国人若年成人女性のインタビュー調査を通して
Employment status and role contradiction of working mothers with young children : Insights from interviews with Chinese young females

田, 嫄

19pp.275 - 282 , 2017-03-31 , お茶の水女子大学大学院人間文化創成科学研究科
The Chinese women’s employment rate remains at a high level in the world. In contrast with Japanese \women whose employments were interrupted due to marriage and children rearing, most Chinese \women choose to continue working after having children. However, there exists no parental leave but \only maternity leave in China. Therefore, many Chinese women have to sacrifice their careers to bring \up the children. Enough concern has not been brought into the issue of parental mother’s reemployment, \especially under the background where the social welfare is not commensurate with the effort.\In this study, a semi-structured interview was conducted on the married females who gave birth in \their 20s and 30s and had children rearing experience, and the parents were both living and in good \health when these women got married. Interviewees were sampled from the cities of three different \city-size hierarchies in China. The regarding contradictions and issues aroused from the Chinese \women who are under the burden of playing both economic and family roles were analyzed from a \point of view based upon WLB (work-life balance).

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