Departmental Bulletin Paper 父子関係と3歳児の社会情緒的発達に関する日英比較研究
Father-Child Relationships and Socio-emotional Development of3-year-old Children : A Cross Cultural Comparison between Japan and the U.K.

岐部, 智恵子

19pp.155 - 164 , 2017-03-31 , お茶の水女子大学大学院人間文化創成科学研究科
This study examined the association of father-child relationships with socioemotional development \of 3-year-old children. A cross cultural comparison was conducted utilizing hierarchical multiple \regression model deploying the matched sample data drawn from general population of Japan and the \U.K. The Japanese data was collected from parents of 3-year-old kindergarteners in Tokyo metropolitan \area, while the UK data was carefully selected from the subsample of the Millennium Cohort Study at \Sweep 2. This study confirmed that children with better father-child relationships showed significantly \less socioemotional difficulties in both contexts. Furthermore, the function of paternal relationships in \terms of child’s socio-emotional difficulties remained a significant predictor even after accounting for \mother-child relationships, which has been known to have strong effects on child development. Father-\child relationships were also found to be a significant predictor of child prosocial development, but this \association was not confirmed after accounting for mother-child relationships. It is noteworthy that \the similar positive functions of father-child relationships, independent from mother-child relationships, \were suggested in the two culturally different contexts. These findings highlighted the importance of \formation of positive father-child relationships in their off-springs’ socioemotional adjustment.

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