Departmental Bulletin Paper 日本の若年独身者における親密性 : 性行動内容に注目して
The Meaning of “Intimacy” among Young Japanese Single People with Focusing on Sexual Behaviors

大森, 美佐

19pp.135 - 143 , 2017-03-31 , お茶の水女子大学大学院人間文化創成科学研究科
This study investigates the meaning of “intimacy” between young Japanese single people by focusing on how they communicate with the opposite sex including detailed sexual behaviors, which are not only inter-course sex but also holding hands, kissing and more in Japanese culture and society. \The result was derived from 5 group discussions and semi-structured interviews conducted with 22 highly educated and employed single man and women between 2012 and 2016 in the city of Tokyo.\The main findings can be summarized as follows: ⑴ it has been believed that the sexual norms were deinstitutionalized and people can perform their sexual behaviors freely. However, young Japanese people still establish “intimate relationship” under the romantic love ideology. ⑵ In order to maintain the ideal of “romantic love”, they control their sexual behaviors especially with not doing inter-course sex (3) Male interviewees are feeling the heavy responsible for sexual behaviors therefore they tend to avoid have inter-course sex in the case they do not want to make the relationship serious.

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