Departmental Bulletin Paper 三木楽器の帳簿(1902-1940)にみるピアノの販売網 : 取次商の調査にもとづいて
A Research on the Bookstores Contribution to the Diffusion of the Piano in Japan : On the Analysis of the Account Books (1902-1940) of Miki-Gakki Company

齊藤, 紀子

19pp.107 - 115 , 2017-03-31 , お茶の水女子大学大学院人間文化創成科学研究科
The purpose of this study is to make it clear that how Miki-Gakki Company diffused pianos in the first half of the 20th century in Japan. The previous studies of the reception of the piano in Japan generally based on the sources recorded by users, for example, pianists, musical instructors, and their pupils. On one hand this paper based on the analysis of the account books, that is, the source recorded by supplier of pianos. \I analyzed the account books focusing the agents which sold pianos. I showed several agencies which located in the principal cities of Western Japan, Tokyo and other towns. Many of them had similarity \with Miki-Gakki in the publishing books, especially scholarly books. The historical document of Miki-Gakki brought out the fact that in Japan the existent distribution route of bookstores spread pianos. \These books suggest the spread of musicology by reflecting the diffusion of pianos which can be perceived synthetically in culture. It is the assignment which I should work on hereafter that I bring diversity to the research about the reception of Western music in Japan, which in turn brings the new facet to musicology.

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