Departmental Bulletin Paper ネオリベラリズムとジェンダー
Neoliberalism and Gender

上野, 千鶴子

 Neoliberalist reform is a capitalist response to globalization throughout\advanced societies. It takes a particular form in Japan to maintain breadwinner\model at a cost of women. Gender equal legislation went hand in hand together\with deregulation of employment, which resulted in the increase of women’s\irregular employment with low wage and no job security. In the retrospective,\the Equal Employment Opportunity Law launched women’s bipolarlization\which ended up with feminization of poverty. While women’s mobilization\to the labor market is imperative in the society with extreme low fertility,\neoliberalist reform asks women both work and family, without changing malecentered\work style. The Japanese style employment is proven as genderdiscriminating.\As far as it is maintained, any legal legislations to promote\women’s work are determined to fail.\  Neoliberalist reform in its Japanese style ends up with low fertility, where\women hardly have future visions.

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