Departmental Bulletin Paper 措置委託解除後の元里親子関係 : 関係の再編・調整過程に着目して
Relationships between Former Foster Parents and Care Leavers After the Termination of Foster Care Contracts

安藤, 藍

23pp.17 - 30 , 2016-11-21 , お茶の水女子大学生活社会科学研究会
Foster parents are persons who bring up children on public child welfare programs. Legal\relationship between foster parents and foster children comes to an end because foster programs\are targeting children who are up to eighteen years old. In Japan, however, some former foster\parents continue to support their former foster children and they sometimes live together. The\purpose of this paper is to explore how former foster parents negotiate with their care leavers\and reconstruct the new relationship with them. To attain the purpose of this paper, we adopted\a qualitative research method. The data was gathered by semi-structured interviews with\former foster parents.\Our results indicate the following three points. First, ending a legal relationship is perceived as\ambiguous for foster parents. On one hand it is perceived as a turning point for them which\means the end of the responsive relationship, and on the other hand they basically perceive that\the age out of care is only waypoint to transition to adulthood. Second, it is important for foster\parents that their foster children stand their own feet to reconstruct former foster parent-child\relationships. For their foster children’s independence, foster parents support them economically,\emotionally, and physically. Third, foster parents recognize their foster parent-child relationships\by using words like “real parent-child” and “normal mother” compared to families with blood ties.\The foster children’s outcome varied, and in some cases intentions for continuation do not match\each other between foster parent and their foster child.\Regardless of children’s outcomes, foster parents felt some kind of connections for their foster\child and the connections denote important for former foster parents.

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