Departmental Bulletin Paper 意見交換会話における日本語中級非母語話者と母語話者の会話参加 : 超上級接触場面との比較から
Participation of Native Speakers and Non-Native Speakers at the Intermediate-Level in Discussions: A Comparison with Speaker at the Advanced Level

小松, 奈々

48/49合併号pp.1 - 10 , 2015-06-25 , お茶の水女子大学日本言語文化学研究会
In this paper, the speech length and the speech functions of discussions by Japanese native speakers and non-native\speakers at the advanced level and the intermediate level were compared for the purpose of clarifying participation of\non-native speakers at the intermediate-level in discussions.\The results showed that the length of speech is similar between native speakers and non-native speakers at the advanced\level, while the length of speech of native speakers is longer than non-native speakers at the intermediate level. With regard\to the number of speech functions, the results showed that there is a tendency that native speakers use the informationrequesting\function and non-native speakers both at the advanced level and the intermediate level use the information\providing function. Otherwise native speakers use function of agreement with partnerʼs opinion more frequent than nonnative\speakers at the intermediate level. From the conversation example, a situation was observed in which non-native\speakers at the intermediate level gave information and opinions unilaterally without considering their partnerʼs opinions.\From these results, the establishment of a conversation class for learners at the intermediate level is proposed.

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