Departmental Bulletin Paper 『主婦之友』における戦時下の獅子文学: 「青春売場日記」から「一号倶楽部」まで
Works of SHISHI Bunroku serialized in “SHUFUNOTOMO” during the war: From “Seisyun-uriba-nikki” to “iti-gou-kurabu”

芳賀, 祥子

18pp.6-1 - 6-9 , 2016-03-31 , お茶の水女子大学大学院人間文化創成科学研究科
The novels written by SHISHI Bunroku who was very popular in Showa, had been forgotten\for a long time, but recently, has inspired the interest. Works of Bunroku were serialized in\various newspapers and the magazines, especially “SHUFUNOTOMO” whose main readers were\housewives, achieved marvelous sales. This paper aims to revalue Bunroku's serialized novels in\“SHUFUNOTOMO”, relating to the contents of the magazine at that time.\The first to be noticed is tendencies and changes of serial novels in this magazine. It run humorous\stories and novels based on true stories at first, then tried to make pages for novels. His clever\story making and adequate topics fit for fresh novels pages. However, with the deterioration of the\situation of a war, the magazine became to make a propaganda for whipping up war sentiment.\The second factor to be considered is this change of the mass media, and the invariable attitude of\Bunroku. He could carry out his creative activity through those media, by setting the hero being\incompetent. Consequently, a few deviating was allowed and it can be presumed that his text was\able to depict feelings different from the other war literature.

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