Departmental Bulletin Paper 近世前期における『孝養集』板本の伝播とその背景
The Printed Works of KOYO-SHU and Their Impact

木村, 迪子

18pp.2-1 - 2-8 , 2016-03-31 , お茶の水女子大学大学院人間文化創成科学研究科
KOYO-SHU is a book about the discharging of filial duties, reportedly written by KAKUBAN,\patriarch of the Shingon sect's New School of Righteousness.\There are four anthologies relating to the printed works of "KOYO-SHU". Furthermore, there are\two sets of differing texts for each of these anthologies. Doshisha University is in possession of one\of the oldest of the texts printed in 1642. FUYA JINBE acquired the printing blocks for this text and\arranged for a reprinting in 1694. This the most important and most often printed of the "KOYO-SHU"\texts.\The second oldest text, printed in 1642, is in the Buddhist library at NARITA Shrine. This text\is the same as one dated 1643 and printed by HAYASHI JINEMON. From at least 1642 to 1694, the\Narita text seems to have been an extremely popular edition.\One of the publishers of "KOYO-SHU" in the early modern period was FUYA JINBE. His father\might have been HAYASHI JINEMON. Together they published many books about Buddhism,\especially Shin-Buddhism, although they did not publish anything relating to the SHINGON sect.\Indeed, it is reported that the Shingon sect considered "KOYO-SHU" to have been apocryphal.

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