Departmental Bulletin Paper 和辻哲郎における「個性」の意義について
The Value of Individuality in WATSUJI Tetsuro's Ethics

荒木, 夏乃

18pp.1-1 - 1-8 , 2016-03-31 , お茶の水女子大学大学院人間文化創成科学研究科
WATSUJI Tetsuro's Ethics is often pointed out that it is not enough to analyze Individuality.\However, in recent years, we can see some works trying to find the importance of Individuality\in WATSUJI's theory. The purpose of this study is an examination of Individuality by WATSUJI\Tetsuro, and a grasp of this value in his ethics. By reading his works chronologically, we can find\his changes and coherences. In conclusion, he consistently understood that Individuality is formed\in the in-betweenness of person and person, and made a point of its preservation and completion.\He stressed the importance of Individuality, especially in the theory of love in “ Rinrigaku. ” He\considered not only the spirit but also the Human Body as an Individuality, and paid attention to its\irreplaceable oneness. The Individuality, which is contained in a Human Body is changing through\a human being's life. In other words, Individuality will not be completed, and WATSUJI accepted\this transformation. His ideas of Individuality is on the assumption from the theory of betweenness.\However we can analyze the individuality in his ethics because he found that the only Individuality\at Human Body that everyone has is unique and changes constantly.

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