Departmental Bulletin Paper 息子介護者が集うセルフヘルプ・グループ: 同一化と差異化のはざまで
How Do Son Caregivers Talk about Experiences in the Self-help Groups?

松井, 由香

18pp.147 - 156 , 2016-03-31 , お茶の水女子大学大学院人間文化創成科学研究科
Recently, the number of men caring for their parents has gradually been increasing in Japan. Some\research suggests that many son caregivers lack the knowledge and skills necessary for caregiving,\and they became isolate socially.\  This paper examines the son caregivers who have participated in self-help groups (SHG), the process\they go through at the group meetings, and how they talk about their experiences. There were 15\participants in this study, who were interviewed for one to two hours. Three prominent categories\emerged, which were “social isolation”, “experience in SHG”, and “identification and distinction ‒ how\much they could relate to one another in the group-”.\  At the SHG, son care givers had a place where they could meet people who had similar experiences,\share their storied about the stress of caregiving, and come up with ideas for good daily caregiving\practices together. However, even if they were all in similar situations, this study showed that they\were aware of their differences from one another, consequently leading to the SHG members not being\able to empathize with one another.

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