Departmental Bulletin Paper 家庭背景が子どもの自己効力感に与える影響: ケニア・エルドレッド市の小学校を事例に
Influence of Family Background on Self-Efficacy of Children: A Case Study from the Primary Schools of Eldoret City, Kenya

子浦, 恵

18pp.127 - 136 , 2016-03-31
This paper examines the influence of family background on the self-efficacy among 214 eighth\graders in the Eldoret City, Kenya. Two aspects, namely, socioeconomic status and home-based\parental involvement, were analyzed as family background using the structural equation modeling\to elucidate the mechanism influencing self-efficacy of children. The findings of this study were as\follows. First, the effect of socioeconomic status on self-efficacy was mediated by parental involvement.\Second, parental involvement had a positive effect on self-efficacy. It is suggested that children’s selfefficacy\would be enhanced by parental involvement actively even from the lower social class families.\However, the lower social class families might find it difficult to provide sufficient involvement for a\child’s learning compared to the families in the upper social class. It is important to support families,\especially those from the lower social classes, to enhance the children’s self-efficacy and narrow the\existing disparities in academic achievements. Therefore, political measures are required to reduce\the psychological and economic burden of parents of the lower social class families by enhancing the\social security system to promote involvement in children’s education.

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