Departmental Bulletin Paper 社会の公平評価はいかにして行われるか: 不公平感のミクロ―マクロリンクと所得格差の展望から
How We Evaluate Our Society: Micro-Macro Link of Unfairness and Expectation of Income Inequality

黒川, すみれ

18pp.109 - 118 , 2016-03-31 , お茶の水女子大学大学院人間文化創成科学研究科
There is no attempt to clarify the mechanism of subjective social unfairness because of weak\relation between social unfairness and social stratification. Subjective social unfairness is assumed\to be determined by a factor other than social stratification. In this paper, we examine the specific\consciousness structure from perspective of the “ micro-macro ” and “ present-future”. The data used\here are that of Social Stratification and Social Mobility (SSM) Survey in 2005. We construct the new\variables of “micro unfairness” and “expectation of inequality”. Micro unfairness is defined as perceived\unfairness on personal level. Expectation of inequality means the forecast that the societal disparity\will be deteriorating in the next decade.\According to the analysis, 1) subjective social unfairness relates to social stratification; education,\household income. 2) Micro unfairness raises one’s subjective social unfairness. 3) Expectation of future\income inequality directly affects subjective social unfairness. 4) For society to be evaluated as being\fair among people, resource allocation must be and continue to be fair.

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