Departmental Bulletin Paper 『源氏物語』の六条御息所の筆跡について
Study on Rokujo-no-miyasudokoro's calligraphy in Genji-monogatari

朴, 英美

17pp.1-1 - 1-9 , 2015-03-31 , お茶の水女子大学大学院人間文化創成科学研究科
Genji-monogatari is Japanese literature of 11century. This study is analysis about calligraphy in\Genji-monogatari. Especially, the purpose of this study is to understand about calligraphy of Rokujono-\miyasudokoro. She was a master calligrapher in Genji-monogatari. She sent four letters to Gengi.\I examined the relationship between sentences of these letters and descriptions of Rokujo-nomiyasudokoro's\handwriting. I also examined nuances of ‘ yosiyosisi ’ and ‘ itarihukasi ’ in Genjimonogatari.\These words are keywords describing her handwriting.\The result of these examinations, I showed that combinations of contents of Rokujo-nomiyasudokoro's\letter and descriptions of her handwriting represented her complex mentalities.

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