Departmental Bulletin Paper 学校を基盤としたカリキュラム開発としての「白紙単元」の成立過程
The Research on the Process of Establishment of Hakushi-Unit as School Based Curriculum Development

田村, 恵美

17pp.173 - 181 , 2015-03-31 , お茶の水女子大学大学院人間文化創成科学研究科
 The purpose of this paper is to research on the process of establishment regarding “Hakushi-Unit as\school based curriculum development”. This paper focuses especially on the public elementary school\in Nagano, Japan. The school has a characteristic lesson called “Hakushi-Unit”, started in 1977.\In “Hakushi-Unit”, there is no specific teaching plan designed by teachers thus, teachers and students\can make their own decisions about what to learn in the class.\Course of study in Japan was revised in 1998, and the new educational content called “the Period for\Integrated Studies” got adopted in order to cultivate students’ zest for living.\In this paper, I would like to state two remarkable points about developing school based curriculum\from the perspective of school side and class side. In the school point of view, principals must have\strong leadership capable of making new curriculum. On the other hand, teachers have removed\designed teaching plan and integrated normal subject and non-subject content in the class. It is\believed that these strategies made every teachers to build capacity of creating their own lessons from\the scratch.

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